Golden Glow

I have a feeling we have had a coffee date and I haven’t showed up, this is how intimate and personal the small community we have built here in tbymallano is. There is a very solid excuse for my long absence this week and the upcoming ones my darlings. As I’ve mentioned M. and I got married in Copenhagen. Pinkie-promise, photos and story will be shared on Monday.However, that was only our civil wedding.  We are exchanging our vows between family and close friends on the 10th of September. My family and few friends are flying to Germany in the next two weeks and I can’t even sit down from the excitment.

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I am very curious if you guys like this photo-shoot. I said to M. and I need golden glow and the setting sun as an earring. He did deliver, don’t you think?

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Whistles jumpsuit (here), Le Tanneur bag (here) and Chie Mihara pumps (here).

Be well dear readers and stay tuned.



Nowhere I would rather be

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My bare feet are sink in the luscious, cold grass and the sun barely penetrates the layered skyline from my point of view. I am wearing my swimming suit (I only own two) with a long sleeved shirt on top. There are no turquoise tinted waters in the horizon, neither renaissance architecture or swinging crowds. Do you also know the feeling of being perfectly content at where you are?

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Sports swimming suit Arena (here), Top Asos (here), Topshop hat (here).

M. and I would like to thank you all for your kind wishes. Can’t wait to share with you    photos from our civil wedding.




A week in pictures #3

I have to excuse myself because this post is coming one day later. I’ve been fighting to meet a few deadlines concerning my thesis lately. By fighting I mean you Microsoft Word, as if being in German is not enough, some commands in my working computer are in Chinese!



There is a park next to us where one can harvest vegetables and fruits and pay at the counter. Coming from a farming family I’ve come to appreciate the source of the nutrients I consume. We picked up some delicious tomatoes and plums on Sunday, they tasted just like at home.




As I am writing this post, I’ve realized that this will be that last post I write as a MISS.           M and I are getting MARRIED this Saturday in Copenhagen.  I will be writing more about it next week, I have a flight to catch.

Take care my darlings.



Music festival

Late good mornings my darlings!  Wishes with a gigantic smile on my face because today is an extremely good day, in terms of weather and mind-set. I haven’t been very well lately, since last Thursday I suffer from constant migraines, until today morning that is. You can’t possibly imagine the relief!!!

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Every summer there is a music festival in Nuremberg called ‘Bardentreffen’, the city fills up with sounds of music and in every corner there are small bands playing their jams. It is very unusual dear readers for Germany to have so much noise; gosh I hope no one will get offended by me calling music noise.

The funniest moment of the day was an old woman trying to communicate on a public telephone-booth, with Adele’s ‘Hello’ and Sting’s ‘Englishman in New York’ performed on both sides of the road.

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As the summer comes to end, no-nonsense and revitalized resolution list aside, I need to wear all my summer dresses at least once. You are seeing today for one last time my all-time favorite Isabel Marant for H&M, sold out everywhere, Marc O’Polo espadrilles IN SALE (here), Jins sunglasses (here) and Peter Kaiser bag old.



Childhood wishes

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I savor a very special memory from my childhood; my father placing me on a horse back on our front garden.  In the 1990 when the political system of Albania changed my father, sadly the horse was sold and he became an economical emigrant in Greece.

One of my all-time wishes has been to learn horse-riding. In part, I blame as well the very many historical romances I’ve read (hey don’t judge) and perhaps the frequency of watching Pride and Prejudice (all the versions!). A good friend of mine owns a horse and I had been nagging her to meet him. My darlings meet Cowboy…

No, not this one: he/she is called Gucci.

_DSC7861 blog.jpg

My darlings meet Cowboy. Isn’t he handsome?! He is a giant, loves his master and carrots. I was of course terrified to approach him considering his size and my size but the end I managed to pet him on the forehead.

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_DSC7868 blog.jpg

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After harassing Cowboy we moved to Lauf and der Pegniz, a small town located on the East of Nuremberg which I would definitely recommend visiting, if life brings you on this side of the world.

_DSC8016 blog.jpg

Diesel jeans (here) and top from Asos (here), sandals L’autre Chose similar (here).

I tried to pull the cowgirl off that day with only the hat and a piece of dried grass between my front teeth missing. How did I do?

Much love,


A Week in Pictures #2

I wish middle of the week finds you just as well my darlings!

Mine has been far less eventful, apart from yesterday when the balcony of a tenant caught fire.  The street got blocked with not one, neither two but 4 firefighter cars; talk about exaggeration! There is no better way to observe firefighters bring down a fire with a gigantic ice-cream in your hand, trust me!


One of my most loved activities on Saturdays is visiting the farmer’s market. I make it my goal to take a few pictures of the seasonal flowers. Aren’t those dahlias gorgeous?!


This wooden oven, woke up so many good memories from my childhood. My mother used to own a similar one, it was used to warm up the house in winter as well as cook. Guys, there no comparison in taste to the food cooked on real fire. Writing about it even now, makes me very nostalgic and homesick.


New shoes are in; I got this very cute pumps on Ebay, brand new for only 50€. If you are familiar with the brand Chie Mihara you would now that her shoes are, so so beautiful but at least for me, on pricey side. My brother calls them ”the Strumpheta shoes”, I love them!


For more pictures you can follow us (here).

Much love,


Pajamas trend

Good Monday my darlings,

Hope you all will be having a great week! There are weekends, most times Sunday when I spend the whole day in my pajamas, drinking ungodly amount of tea. On such a day the only traffic noticed on our home is between the kitchen and the living room.  The apartment is unusually quiet save the occasionally traffic sounds because each of us is either reading or reading. I’ve come to appreciate those battery recharging days.

_DSC7687 blog.jpg

_DSC7659 blog.jpg

_DSC7673 blog.jpg

_DSC7679 blog.jpg

Have you guys noticed the pajamas fashion trend? I was sort of hesitating at the beginning but my oh my after trying those from Asos, I am sold. Imagine being in the comfort and the softness of your pajamas all day long.

Pajama top (here), bottom (here), high heels (here).



Grateful Friday #1

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One more week comes to its end my darlings and today I feel like sharing with you how grateful I am for calling this beautiful country, currently my home. Yesterday we’re driving through the Bavarian countryside and I realized how easily it is to become comfortable in comfort.

_DSC7288 blog.jpg

_DSC7310 blog.jpg

_DSC7328 blog.jpg

_DSC7341 blog.jpg

I was amazed with how green Germany is even before my plane landed on the ground, grasping the never-ending green fields view, through the plane’s window. I’ve been told there are even greener countries; such as Scotland. Next thing which amazed me in this country is the social system; I’ve been told there are even better countries such as Sweden.  The first time I stepped on the local foreigner’s office I couldn’t believe how kind the employees were and how fast I received my resident permit; I’ve been told Denmark is even better. I am beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can get better my darlings but trust me it can get much, much worst. Let’s call it a Grateful Friday, shall we?

_DSC7331 blog.jpg

_DSC7330 blog.jpg

_DSC7345 blog.jpg

P.S I feel as grateful for my new shoulder bag as well:)

Whistles skirt similar (here), The Ragged Priest T-shirt (here), Clarks sandals similar (here), MaxMara Weekend bag (here)

Much love,


A Week of Pictures #1

It has been nearly 4 months since I started my blog and Instagram account. I am grateful for the fact that my eyes have opened up to the beauty surrounding me. I love using my old phone and capture moments which shine in my eyes and will forever stay in my memory.  I remember every single one of them and I would love to show you bits of how my daily life is.



Last week we have had such dreamy skyline, full of clouds in different colors and cotton candy shapes. The pictures above were take on the way to work, that day I hopped of Barbara (my bike) and dug out my phone in frenzy, to capture the perfect light.



I had a talk with my neighbor the other day and she was so curious about the fact that we are never at home. Indeed, on those days we manage to come home early in the afternoon, I like to infuse my creativity into the most good looking tea sandwiches.


Let’s talk flowers; they make me so happy. I am tempted to post everyday a picture of flowers. Like those hydrainas from a friend’s garden. Aren’t they beautiful?!


I hope my darlings you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see similar ones in the future. For more IG photos you can follow us (here).

Much love,





Each day

Happy New Month Dear Readers!

Each morning I make it my goal to have a glass of hot water with lemon and ginger on my small balcony. I love the freshness of a German summer morning when the air is crisp and cool and a light jacket is a necessity this early. The theater of life is stages on the street below where each morning the neighborhood is buzzing with children’s voices, adults are rushing to work and the elderly line up at the supermarket. Sipping on my hot water, I whip into shape the plans for the day and continue with life.

_DSC7368 blog.jpg

_DSC7374 blog.jpg

_DSC7385 blog.jpg

For the first time M. and I experimented with indoor photography where the light doesn’t usually play in your favor. The beauty of poor light photography lies in the shadows; when the employment of the imagination is imperative. Naturally my favorite photo is the one below.

_DSC7379 blog.jpg


_DSC7371 blog.jpg

_DSC7460 blog.jpg

_DSC7452 blog.jpg

A shape dress from Karen Millen similar (here), (here), (here).

How do you my darlings prepare yourself to deal with a new day? Would love to read your comments.

Much love,