A week in pictures #4

Bicycling to and from work I have a chance to breathe in the nature’s changes as the route is always the same. Nowadays I ride through golden crunchy leaves, crispy cold air while wearing my half finger gloves. My coffees serve a second role for keeping warm and sharp, it is after all AUTUMN.


This is my most liked photo on Instagram. Gosh I feel so vain when I post selfies but you guys seem to like it so please excuse my vanity:)


In the past we use to have blinis (Russian style pancakes) nearly every Sunday and trust when I say that M.’s eyes were shining like a kid’s on Christmas gift unwrapping day when I said I’ve decided to resume the routine.


We were having dinner at a local tapas bar La Barca, the other day and it was delicious. I shared with my brother baked sweet potatoes, shakshuka, roasted bread with creamed pumpkin and Riesling. Are you drooling as well?


The daylight is getting shorter as we progress towards the end of this year and I wonder how I will even manage to make any pictures, when I leave home in the dark and I return from work in the dark as well.


I hope my darlings you enjoyed my weekly Instagram update and the stories behind each picture.

Have a great day!



Wide-leg pants for petites

Good morning my darlings! I hope you’re enjoyed a good weekend. M. and I took these pictures just yesterday, while enjoying the amazing weather outdoors. Truth be told we spend most of the afternoon at my working place and the photoshoot was done during lunch time and late afternoon, hence the different lightning.

_DSC9074 blog.jpg

_DSC9092 blog.jpg

_DSC9093 blog.jpg

_DSC9125 blog.jpg

I can proudly confess that photography has M. completely hooked and he will be taking a photography related class from next week on. We’re planning to relaunch tbymallano sometime soon and learn as much as possible meanwhile. A few more sections will be added to the blog such as beauty and coffee talk where I can share with you guys my passion for make up and situations from everyday life which inspire and challenge me. My idea is to commence an open dialog with you guys, so please do let me know in the comments if you would be interested in.

_DSC9137 blog.jpg

_DSC9184 blog.jpg

_DSC9164 blog.jpg

_DSC9150 blog.jpg

_DSC9151 blog.jpg

_DSC9194 blog.jpg

_DSC9239 blog.jpg

_DSC9265 blog.jpg

Oh how I love an empty road, I have to disclose how shy I am to have my pictures taken in front of a crowd. Trust me, people are curious and stare, especially when there is a  182 cm tall man with ackwardly stretched limps taking photos of a short girl in the main city square. Do you feel me?

_DSC9280 blog.jpg

_DSC9288 blog.jpg

_DSC9294 blog.jpg

Be ready because I will go all girly on you now and talk about my new pants. They were love at first wear! I’ve tried so hard to find a highwaisted, tailored pair of pants for petites on each online shop. They are either too large on the waistline or way too long. In other words when tailored the shape can be easily destroyed. The Pigalle pants from Maje (here) are simply stunning and due to the color I am afraid the photos doesn’t do much justice.

My T-shirt is from Levi’s (here), sandals from Chie Mihara SOLD OUT but very similar (here), Aigner bag (here) and Jette bracelet (here).

I wish you all a great start into the new week.




The in between

September is the perfect month to rock a transitional outfit as one can get away with no expenditure and simply utilise few summer-autumn key pieces. When the thermometer hits the sweet 22+°C (even in Germany)  on few lucky days, play it reckless and put on your favourite summer dress bare-legged. A wool cardigan and furd’Orsay shoes will keep you warm when you walk under the sunless golden-leaves trees. Don’t forget to accessorise smartly, meaning few minimalistic pieces will make you look effortless chic.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Whistles earrings (here), Skagen watch (here), Karen Millen dress (here), Stella Mccartney (here), Aspinal of London trunk bag (here), D’orsay shoes Uterqüe (here).


Picture via Pinterest


Get to know me questions

It is about time my darlings we get a bit more acquainted. I would go about it in form of the popular 25 questions tag as I wouldn’t want to bore you with details.


1. What is your middle name?: I actually do not have a middle name as it is not very common in Albania to have one.

2. What was favorite subject at school?: It was literature and biology. I loved my literature teacher at school to pieces and there is still a little space saved in my heart for her. Concerning biology I am actually a biologist now.

3. What is your favorite drink?: COFFEE, I can’t even function properly without one in the morning.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: I Wanna be yours by Arctic Monkeys

5. What is your favorite food?: I eat mostly Mediterranean food as we very much prefer to cook at home. My second favorite would be Mexican food as I very much prefer to eat a Mexican’s friend home too.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: I bought a shoulder bag from Aigner, can’t wait to show you.


7. Favorite book of all time?: I’ve read Father Goriot by Honore de Balzac in high school and it has made such an amazing impression on me that even after so many years, I think about it from time to time. I have an extensive list of favorite books, though, most of them with an HEA.

8. Favorite Color?: At the moment orange.

9. Do you have any pets?: No, not really.

10. Favorite Perfume?: My Burberry.

11. Favorite Holiday?: Last year in Iceland. I wish M. and I were into photography back then as it is the most amazing place we’ve ever visited.

12. Are you married?: Freshly married actually. We got engaged last year in Iceland and the song we danced to at our wedding was ‘I wanna be yours‘ by Arctic Monkeys.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I’ve been blessed to travel to many beautiful countries.

14. Do you speak any other language?: I speak Albanian, Greek, English and German. Embarrassingly enough my German is not as good, although I’ve been living here for four years now. In my defense, German is a very difficult language, okay?!


15. How many siblings do you have?: I have a sister and a brother. I am the oldest child and already an aunt to two most beautiful and charismatic children.

16. What is your favorite shop?: Karen Millen (here).

17. Favorite restaurant?: A local Japanese place called Hirosakao.

18. When was the last time you cried?: Before my wedding, during and after the wedding for completely different reasons of course:).

19. Favorite Blog?: Oh so many I need to make a separate post about it.

20. Favorite Movie?: Pride and Prejudice

21. Favorite TV shows?: At the moment Outlander. Is anyone watching?

_DSC8237 blog.jpg

22. PC or Mac?: PC

23. What phone do you have?: Samsung Galaxy S6

24. How tall are you?: I am 157cm, quite small I know.

25. Can you cook?: As I’ve mentioned before I love cooking.


I hope my darlings you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like me to answer some more questions in the comments below.








As all things wedding-related (bills have been paid and remnants are packed in wedding-labeled-boxes) have nearly come to an end , I’ve realized that I haven’t yet showed you guys any pictures from Copenhagen. Denmark’s capital is a very charming city with friendly, beautiful people and lots of places to hang out. We had only two days in our disposition and luckily Copenhagen is easily done on foot.

_DSC8314 blog.jpg

_DSC8302 blog.jpg

_DSC8303 blog.jpg

_DSC8320 blog.jpg

_DSC8325 blog.jpg

_DSC8327 blog.jpg

We luckily got lots of sunshine during the day, previous to the civil wedding and by the time the black clouds took over the sun and rain kicked in, we had been cozied up in a cafe.

_DSC8333 blog.jpg

_DSC8402 blog.jpg


_DSC8343 blog.jpg

_DSC8345 blog.jpg

_DSC8347 blog.jpg

_DSC8348 blog.jpg

_DSC8350 blog.jpg

_DSC8353 blog.jpg

_DSC8355 blog.jpg


_DSC8363 blog.jpg

_DSC8366 blog.jpg

_DSC8373 blog.jpg

I was really looking forward to GoBoat after the wedding ceremony with our friends and enjoy a George and Amal moment but danish weather didn’t play in our favor. For those who haven’t been to Copenhagen yet, one can simply rent an easily navigated boat to sail around the city, definitely worth trying in my opinion.Truthfully, we were ready to put rain coats on and rent that boat but the moment we were asked to sign the ‘we hold no responsibility if anything happens to you’ papers we bailed out. You might just go ahead and call us chickens…

_DSC8392 blog.jpg

When I spotted the Albanian flag on this building, M. and I were so excited by the prospect of finally finding an Albanian restaurant (outside Albania of course!) and guess what? It was the Albanian embassy, so disappointed!

_DSC8394 blog 1.jpg

_DSC8396 blog.jpg

Down the line getting married in Denmark was highly inconvenient and not included in our wedding budget but Copenhagen will forever stay in our hearts as part of our story. Bottom line here, wedding without drama, does not exist my darlings, trust me.




Back to life

It will be an understatement to say that I missed you all! Last Saturday M. and I celebrated our love with friends and family and prior to that we were both in a crazy frenzy to get everything ready in time.   What a roller coaster wedding planning has been! Honestly, two days before the wedding I remember we came upon a wedding exhibition advertisement and we felt allergic to the bones. An ‘I CAN’T, PLEASE NO MORE’ moment! Now as the last family members are leaving and we are nearly back to our old life, we are filled with nostalgia. How I wish it was possible to lock all the memories in an undisturbed box and relive whenever the mood.

_DSC8099 blog.jpg

_DSC8063 blog.jpg

_DSC8079 blog.jpg

_DSC8038 blog.jpg

_DSC8043 blog.jpg

_DSC8047 blog.jpg

_DSC8081 blog.jpg

Jumpsuit from Maje (here), Shoes Chie Mihara (here), bag Le Tanneur (here).

Now enough about me; How have you guys been?


The day we said I do

A few of might wonder why Denmark well let me tell you my darlings getting married in Germany is not easy for international couples, especially when one of them comes from Albania. Let me talk logistics and share my frustration with you; to get married in Germany one need an Ehefähigkeitszeugnis (certificate of no impediment) and according to Albanian wedding legislature the non-Albanian citizen needs a birth certificate from his home country, translated, apostilled in the Albanian embassy, then open a legal procedure in Albania which lasts 3 weeks. If you are skeptic about my complains, well this absurd birth certificate has to be only one month old and M. comes from Russia for God’s sake.

_DSC8493 blog.jpgThat my darlings left us no choice but head to Copenhagen, aka the Las Vegas of Europe. The ceremony lasted only 4 min, very industrialized; nevertheless it felt wonderful all the same. We felt so honored for the fact that few friends managed to fly to Copenhagen and make the day special.

The day we got married a gay parade took place in Copenhagen city; the streets were filled with love and happiness. People would stop us on the road to give their congratulations and best wishes. When back to Germany our friends would ask;

Does it feel any different?

Well NO; Exclude the fact that we were the center of attention for a day, the warm smiles we got from strangers, that ‘‘last coffee as single’’ epiphany moment at a hidden corner of Starbucks and all the things thereafter we first did as a married couple. These beautiful memories gift me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest and in a way yeah it does feel different.

_DSC8430 blog.jpg

_DSC8540 blog.jpg

_DSC8543 blog.jpg

I indulged myself with this beautiful The Kooples dress a while ago with the thought that even my daughter can wear it (this is how I justify expensive buys) and honestly I didn’t see the point of buying a white dress.

I hope you all are in good health. My days for the next two weeks are filled with DIY projects, wedding planning and thesis writing.



Golden Glow

I have a feeling we have had a coffee date and I haven’t showed up, this is how intimate and personal the small community we have built here in tbymallano is. There is a very solid excuse for my long absence this week and the upcoming ones my darlings. As I’ve mentioned M. and I got married in Copenhagen. Pinkie-promise, photos and story will be shared on Monday.However, that was only our civil wedding.  We are exchanging our vows between family and close friends on the 10th of September. My family and few friends are flying to Germany in the next two weeks and I can’t even sit down from the excitment.

_DSC8246 blog.jpg

_DSC8251 blog.jpg

I am very curious if you guys like this photo-shoot. I said to M. and I need golden glow and the setting sun as an earring. He did deliver, don’t you think?

_DSC8248 blog.jpg

_DSC8252 blog.jpg

_DSC8253 blog.jpg

_DSC8256 blog.jpg

_DSC8261 blog.jpg

Whistles jumpsuit (here), Le Tanneur bag (here) and Chie Mihara pumps (here).

Be well dear readers and stay tuned.



Nowhere I would rather be

_DSC7690 blog.jpg

My bare feet are sink in the luscious, cold grass and the sun barely penetrates the layered skyline from my point of view. I am wearing my swimming suit (I only own two) with a long sleeved shirt on top. There are no turquoise tinted waters in the horizon, neither renaissance architecture or swinging crowds. Do you also know the feeling of being perfectly content at where you are?

_DSC7693 blog.jpg

_DSC7752 blog.jpg

_DSC7757 blog.jpg

_DSC7780 blog.jpg

_DSC7834 blog.jpg

_DSC7785 blog.jpg

Sports swimming suit Arena (here), Top Asos (here), Topshop hat (here).

M. and I would like to thank you all for your kind wishes. Can’t wait to share with you    photos from our civil wedding.




A week in pictures #3

I have to excuse myself because this post is coming one day later. I’ve been fighting to meet a few deadlines concerning my thesis lately. By fighting I mean you Microsoft Word, as if being in German is not enough, some commands in my working computer are in Chinese!



There is a park next to us where one can harvest vegetables and fruits and pay at the counter. Coming from a farming family I’ve come to appreciate the source of the nutrients I consume. We picked up some delicious tomatoes and plums on Sunday, they tasted just like at home.




As I am writing this post, I’ve realized that this will be that last post I write as a MISS.           M and I are getting MARRIED this Saturday in Copenhagen.  I will be writing more about it next week, I have a flight to catch.

Take care my darlings.